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How religion used to condem the practice of argueing.
Published on July 7, 2008 By Scotteh In Religion


The history of the church is one filled with many dark and disastrous moments, where the arbitrators of gods will have caused a great many to suffer.


Perhaps though the most horrendous aspect of all this though was the church condemning the philosophical approach of Dialectics.


Excuse me kind sir, but what in hells name is Dialectics?


Well Dialectics is a method of looking at a statement, hypothesis or argument and concluding that it is false by showing its contradiction, some may actually call it the pursuit of truth, others might just want to call it good old fashioned arguing (or the trading of).


Why did the Church condemn dialectic philosophy?


Well from my understanding the church felt as though any such thinking would allow philosophers to directly question the Bible and the word of God himself. They argued that some things are not questionable and should not be scrutinized by mankind. That the bible is the ultimate truth and any other pursuit of any other sort of truth is futile and sinful.


One thing the Church did exceptionally well was telling ordinary people that it was fine for a small group of elitist to live in divine favor (this includes Popes, Emperors, Kings, Barons, Lords and so on) as it was the will of God and besides if your good and don’t question the authority of the church and these elite you will spend the rest of your existence in the kingdom of heaven where everyone is equal and happy.


Indeed a famous quote once read:


Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.”

-         Napoleon Bonaparte


Religion and the former nobles of our world wanted to stop us from thinking beyond what they were telling us.


All this is great, but at the end of the day, it was several hundred years ago and we’ve since had the French Revolution and the age of enlightenment. So what bearing does this have on today’s society?


Many people like to tell me that the sole purpose of religion is to put us in touch with god and to make us lead a better life, to teach us morality and how to be good people.


 I’m sure it does to some degree and it has helped many, but I’d like to point out that this isn’t its only purpose or usefulness and even to do this day it is used to mislead and put at ease the masses.


I could go on a bit, discuss how it has denied our race of truth and sold us false hope (I use the word sold there on purpose by the way), but I don’t necessarily believe its fair to condemn all religion for this, not in today’s society at least.


Thanks for reading and any comments are most welcome.

on Jul 07, 2008
I was baptised a Catholic, did my First Confesstion, Holy Communion and Confirmation, was an altar boy, went to a Christian Brothers high school and even thought about being a priest at one point in my teenage years. Then I grew up and realised that the bible, like so much in our world, is open to interpretation and mostly subjective at that.

That authorities see scrutiny of the bible as questionable is questionable in itself. The bible is a subjective document anyway, cobbled together from various individual accounts and subjectively selected according to which stories church authorities at the time thought correct.

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