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a bit of advice needed.
Published on July 3, 2008 By Scotteh In Books

Usually i do a lot of my book reading, as opposed to online reading shortly before i go to bed, say 30 minutes before hand and it usually suffices.

The other day however i purchased the following three books to go through:

  • Das Kapital: A Critique of Political Economy, Author Karl Marx
  • Social Evolution, Author Benjamin Kidd
  • (Geek Momment) Quantum Computer Science: An Introduction, Author David Mermin

I suspect the latter will be somewhat of a brain buster and i'll be honest i'm not really looking forward to reading it per-say, however i am interesting in some of the concepts it proposes. Anyways i'm interested in really getting these read as soon as possible, so my noraml 30 minutes before bed probably won't suffice.

So what i want essentially is for people to be able to recommend places that you yourselves go to read, i know this may seem daft, something like a park or something is probably a no brainer, although such places are sometimes out of the question over here in England, thanks to our rather indecisive weather.

So, where do you go for a good read?!

on Jul 03, 2008

I reaad in bed before I go to sleep.  If I'm reading a good fact-paced book, I read it anywhere I can until I am finished. 

on Jul 03, 2008

Yes.. well sort of, think of Fred Flinstones Car, but with a ford badge on it! .

on Jul 04, 2008
I enjoy reading anywhere, anytime. I do a lot of reading in bed before I sleep, but I also read at the kitchen table, on the balcony, lying on the couch, on public transport or anywhere I have a book and can turn off the world around me.
on Jul 04, 2008

I dunno why, but there's something incredibly soothing about the sound of rain drumming on the metal roof while you sit cozily ensconced with a cuppa joe and a fine book to read.

Yeah, i've also had that when i'm in a tent and its raining, everyone else will be complaining but it's rather relaxing to me.

I wish i could read more often to be honest, but i just don't allow time to fit it into my day, other than before i sleep of course. I often see people like yourself dynamaso just reading anywhere it pleases them, i might just try that philosophy and see where it gets me .

on Jul 04, 2008
good ol' FORD. (It stands for Fix Or Repair Daily.)

I thought it stood for F*ckin' Old Rebuilt Dodge.   
on Jul 04, 2008

LoL, good ol' FORD. (It stands for Fix Or Repair Daily.)

I thought it was first on race day! hehe

I'm like Maso. I read anywhere and everywhere. I can't read in bed though because it puts me to sleep.


on Jul 24, 2008
First of all, go to http://www.lulu.com/rrkfinn

on Aug 05, 2008

Reading before bed is always nice. I prefer going outside and finding a nice tree to perch up on so you can get some shade but still be outside (you may want to bring a beach towel for this one). Also... I do get quite a bit of reading done while taking care of "business" in the restroom around the house... As long as that doesn't gross you out (some of my friends thinks it's weird) then it's a golden time!

on Mar 08, 2009

I enjoy reading the most by lying on the couch, snacking on an apple and putting both my legs up on the back-rest and locking them. If I feel too lethargic and bored by sitting or lying down, I like to walk around and read, preferably in fields or the woods or something like that. I also enjoy reading in a crowd where I don't know anybody, like in a train.It makes me a show-off, I know!

on Apr 29, 2009

A chair stuffed with pillows behind your back and a blanket always make for good reading comfort on cold days. Though often I still curl up in bed with a good book in the middle of the day because it makes my back feel better.