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Soccer holagnisim
Published on May 16, 2008 By Scotteh In Sports & Leisure

This blog may not apply to many JU users, as your based in America and as such probably not accustomed nor interested in what Soccer Holagnisim is, or what causes it. I'm writing this article mostly for references off site, so apologies if your not sure on the subject. Please feel free to ask questions if your interested on the matter but unsure on one or two things.

I was inspired to write this piece because of the troubles in the city of Manchester earlier this week, when Glasgow Rangers played Zenith St. Petersburg (a Russian team) in the final of the Uefa Cup.

Between 100,000 to 200,000 Rangers fans came down to Manchester for the event, as Manchester placed big screens around the city for fans without a ticket to watch the game, essentially creating a carnival atmosphere for the traveling fans.

When one of these screens failed, a riot began and fighting between a small minitority of rangers fans and police began. One particular policemen escaped with his life after being chased by fans, falling over and being kicked before making it to his feet and getting away.

A summary of the events of the day can be found HERE.

What i am more interested in is the question of what causes this mob behaviour. Personally i think the answer is a combination of things, excessive consumption of alcohol isn't the only cause. So what turns people into pre-historic apes whom want to tear apart anything that doesn't belong to their mob, clan or pack?

I get the impression that a select few individuals who know how to 'inspire' (for want of a better word) have the ability to take drunk idiots (which is a state most of us have been in at some point in our life, but never would dream of attacking policemen because we've had a few drinks) into a football hooligan.

I think there is also another appeal, the appeal of being part of a group, i've been going to football (or soccer games as you'd call them across the atlantic) since i was five years old. I've been in crowds that are in cities other than their own and are either surrounded by police or opposition fans and a confrontation is immenent. There is obviously a feeling of fear (and when your quite young this is quite often overwhelming), but there is also a bond felt by a group. If you combine this feeling with alcohol and someone encouraging people to do stupid things, you eventually end up with the scenes that we witnessed in Manchester earlier this week.

These scenes become rarer and rarer in Britain these days, but in countries in South America, Russia, Eastern Europe they are all but common place. Do the americans ever suffer from sports fans commiting acts of hoolaginisim? If not, why not? What's so different?

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