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Whats the view from across the pond?
Published on July 10, 2008 By Scotteh In Automotive

If you check the article link for this article you will see that currently in the UK we are having a somewhat heated altercation over the issue of a new government bill that is being passed that will specifically target vehicles that use a lot of petrol (or gas) per mile.

The idea behind this is to discourage the use of these vehicles and further more the purchase of them in the future. The tax only applies to vehicles constructed after 2001; it still allows people to use such vehicles but only at a price.

It currently costs anywhere between $150 and $350 to tax a vehicle in the UK for a year; this money is usually put towards road maintenance and so on. Under the new law, vehicles that are over a particular amount of mileage per gallon of fuel are likely to pay almost $450 to drive their vehicle on public roads.

Those against such a tax say that it is simply a means of raising revenue and not a means to discourage people from using environmentally unhealthy vehicles. They believe that because the new taxation will affect 44% of the vehicles on the UK roads, it is unfeasible and going to take a hit on many poor families.

From a personal perspective, I believe anyone in a low income family, driving a vehicle that wastes money in petrol and pollutes the environment; need to consider which they will save more on, paying less tax if the measure is overturned or actually changing their vehicle to one that is more economic and environmentally friendly?

I was wondering what the opinions of people from other parts of the world are with regards to this issue and if any similar measures exist or were proposed how would you react to them?

Thanks for reading and please get in touch with your opinion.


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on Jul 11, 2008

Dr.Guy just quickly, i haven't had time to answer fully to either yourself or Nitro, but the tax excludes cars from 2001, presumably for the very reason you described. There's still points you raise, i'll get to those when i get back after the weekend.

on Jul 11, 2008
but the tax excludes cars from 2001,

It still is going to kill the market for cars after that date, which they can do 2 things with. The government can buy them back (where is the money going to come from?) or they get sold at fire rate sale prices - and who is looking for a car cheap? Those that cannot afford anythign more. The year is arbitrary. In 2 years those cars are going to be 10 years old. Time does not stop just because of some arbitrary ink on a piece of paper.

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