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Anyone recommend some?
Published on June 30, 2008 By Scotteh In PC Gaming

Well i've been playing Sins of a Solar Empire on and off for the past few months, it's a great game, although i have to confess i'm slowly starting to get slightly bored with it.

Usually at this point i turn to mods on a game like sins to get that extra bit of replayability out of it, however i've had trouble finding some mods for the game, and i was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a mod that gave the game a little something else to keep me occupied for slightly longer.

Thanks in advance and let me just say Sins is a great game and Ironclad have done a good job on it.

on Jun 30, 2008

Well from the looks of the 1.1 changelog the game itself is getting quite the overhaul in terms of visuals and gameplay, so you might not have to resort to mods afterall to keep your interest up.

That said, there are still some really cool mods out there. My favourite is Bailknight's graphics mod which overhauls every single special effect in the game. You can find it (along with a whole bunch of other mods) in the Sins of a Solar Empire mod forum.

on Jul 01, 2008

Yes i noticed the new patch comming along yesterday actually, looks intriguing.


I've been browsing the forum, i noticed that as part of the 7 deadly sins mod i think, which i have donwloaded and installed lastnight. Will give it a whirl. Thanks Phazon.

on Jul 01, 2008
7 deadly sins does in fact change the game dramatically. Now you will have a slew of different habitable planets. Adding the ability to essentially board and capture ships in mid-battle is also a great bonus.

To spice up the normal game try adding neutral planets to your custom made maps. If you bump it up to max you'll face dozens of random planets well defended before you ever meet another player.